Useful Sources

These sources have been useful in researching culinary history. (This is a work in progress)

General Sources:

1. Wikipedia, but more specifically:
This one just for kicks –

2. The Language of Food: A Linguist Reads the Menu by Daniel Jurafsky – looks at historical and modern food through a linguistic lens

Mesopotamia/Middle East:

1. Yale Culinary Tablets – oldest cookbook in the world

2. The Annals of the Caliphs’ Kitchens by Nawal Nasrallah – focuses on medieval Middle East around the 1500’s


1. Apicius Cookbook – published in late 4th century AD


1. Suiyuan Shidan recipes (great translation here!) – historical cookbook from 1800’s Qing Dynasty


1. Historical Heston Blumenthal by Heston Blumenthal – variety of historical recipes in British history repurposed for fancy restaurants, going back to Medieval times to the 1800’s

2. La storia è servita: vizi e virtù nel piatto dei grandi della storia by Mariangela Rinaldi – recipes associated with famous historical figures, ranging from Cleopatra to Catherine de’ Medici (not entirely historically accurate)

3. Lost Past Remembered – this awesome blog which does something similar to this blog, but focusing on Europe

4. Viking food

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